Monday, October 31, 2011

In front of the 22nd Street Restaurant 1966

Gary Pancost and Bill Kelly with two waitresses in front of the 22nd Street Restaurant in Ocean City, circa 1966.

I think the 22nd Street Restaurant building is still standing as it became the home of the Ocean City Board of Realitors and still may be.

The restaurant was owned by a Mr. Petratus, also owned a diner in South Camden. A friend of my father, he hired me as a bus boy during one of the first summers we spent in Ocean City, after spending a few weeks every summer in Sea Isle City at the PAL House - the Camden Police Athletic League.

That first summer we stayed in a second floor apartment on Asbury Avenue about 18th Street that was later duplexed.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Moorlyn Terrace

These are the rooming houses on Ocean Avenue that were at the end of Moorlyn Terrace. The Ocean City Music Pier is on the boardwalk at Moorlyn Terrace, which is only two blocks long.

Kazmark's motel is to the left on the corner, across from the Post Office.

"Quicky," like my father, was a former Camden policeman who owned the house on the left with his wife. The two rooming houses on the right were connected together.

My house, 819 Wesley was just behind the these two houses.

All three were torn down in the early 1980s where a large condo unit was constructed off the ground, with the entire ground floor used for parking. (designed by my friend architect Jack Snyder).

The photo is taken from across the street and a little bit down Moorlyn Terrace where Browns guest house was located. It too consisted of two houses joined together by a porch.

Models of "Flying Saucer"

Model of "Flying Saucer" by Mike. (More info to come on this)

Plastic Mold Model of "Flying Saucer"

The Flying Saucer off of Ocean City NJ

Chris Montagne's "Flying Saucer"

Passengers Pack into "Flying Saucer"

"Flying Saucer" at the dock off 9th Street

"Flying Saucer" Specs

Chris Montagne converted the old WWII era PT Boat into an Ocean City NJ tourist ride.